Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan makes group benefits insurance accessible to organizations with as few as one employee.

The Chambers Plan is the largest of its kind, providing custom coverage to more than 30,000 businesses. We collaborate with you to design your ideal insurance program.

Help is here with really affordable group coverage for small- to medium-sized businesses!

If you’re looking for more from your group plan, you want the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan®. It delivers all the traditional coverage you want – Life, Health, Dental, Disability, Critical Illness and Best Doctors®.

The Chambers Plan is the largest of its kind, providing custom coverage to more than 29,000 firms. We can help you design a program that’s right for you. You pick the kinds and levels of benefits you want from a wide range of choices. You control coverage and cost. Access is guaranteed for firms with as few as 3 employees.

For firms with 1-9 employees all health and dental coverage is fully pooled nationally; a business is not rated for high claims, thereby providing stable benefit rates and renewals.

Employees and their families feel more secure when they are enrolled in a benefit plan providing disability, health and dental benefits. Being a responsible employer and offering a good package to your team can also help retain your trained staff.

Having a group plan also signals that despite being a small business the firm is a serious employer and cares about long term security for their employees.

The cost of a group health and dental plan is a tax deductible expense to your business and a tax free benefit to employees.

Johnston Group Inc., the plan administrator, is consistently voted in the “Top 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada.” The Chambers Plan is incorporated as “Not for Profit” and reinvests any surplus back into the Plan to improve coverage and to stabilize renewal rates.

Enrolling in the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan not only provides superior service and coverage but it also allows you access to the Doucett Insurance team of dedicated staff who are experts in the Life and Group Insurance industry. Doucett Insurance is a nationally recognized leader in providing group benefits to small and medium sized businesses with over 400 satisfied corporate clients.

  • Comprehensive benefit packages available for all sizes of business
  • Home-based business qualify
  • Guaranteed coverage available to firms with three or more employees

Extended Health Care
Group Term Life
Critical Illness
Best Doctors
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Dependent Life Insurance
Business Overhead Insurance
Employee Assistance Program

Click HERE to complete the Chambers Plan quotation form and then simply email it to us – or you can call us directly to discuss your needs.

We will come to your place of business at your convenience and without obligation to discuss the Chambers Plan with you personally.

Contact us to learn more about the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan or visit the Chambers Plan website.

Chambers We Represent

For more information on your local Chamber and the services they provide see below:

The Greater Arnprior Chamber of Commerce
Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce
West Ottawa Board of Trade
Lyndhurst Seeley’s Bay Chamber of Commerce
Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce
Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
Perth Chamber of Commerce
Renfrew Chamber of Commerce
Rideau Township Chamber of Commerce
Smiths Falls Chamber of Commerce
Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce
Westport and Rideau Lakes Chamber of Commerce

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